The Bourbon Tasting Notebook


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Looking for a way to remember all the amazing bourbons you've tried? Look no further than the Bourbon Tasting Notebook! This easy-to-use journal will help any bourbon lover keep track of all the important details about their favorite spirits.

Each page of the journal is devoted to a single bourbon, with spaces to fill in key information like the name, producer, type/grade, and age. There's also a handy flavor wheel and color meter to help you remember the unique characteristics of each one. And, of course, you can take detailed notes on your impressions of each bourbon's appearance, mouthfeel, taste, and overall rating.

Whether you're a casual drinker or a true connoisseur, the Bourbon Tasting Notebook is the perfect way to keep track of all the great bourbons you've tried - and discover new favorites to explore in the future. So don't wait any longer - order your own journal today!


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